How can I tend to pending moderator requests for my Mailman mailing lists?
List administrators or moderators may defer, approve, reject, or delete a pending subscriber request.

To log in to Mailman and defer, approve, reject, or delete a pending request:
  1. Go to

  2. Locate the the list admin overview page link and click it.

    The mailing lists - Admin Links page appears. From the List, click the appropriate list name. <List Name> Administrator Authentication page appears.

  3. In the List Administrator Password: field, enter your admin password.
    NOTE: Follow the instructions in FAQ 76 to have your password sent in an email to you, should you not know your password.

  4. Click Let me in.... The mailing list administration General Options Section page appears.

  5. In the Other Administrative Activities column, click the Tend to pending moderator requests link.

  6. For each of the moderator requests select one of the following actions:

    Defer: Leaves request unchanged and will continue emailing you for action.
    Approve: Accepts the request.
    Reject: Denies the request and informs the sender of your decision.
    Discard: Deletes the request without notification.

  7. Click Submit All Data to save changes.