How do I change my Mailman password to be the same for all of my mailing list subscriptions?
Use Mailman's Change Globally option to reset the passwords to all of your subscriptions to be the same.

Forgotten passwords can be reset by following the steps in FAQ 76.

To reset Mailman password for all lists when you know the current password:
  1. Go to

  2. From the List, locate the Mailman list that you are subscribed to and click it.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and locate the List title Subscribers section.

  4. In the To unsubscribe from List Name-l, get a password reminder, or change your subscription options enter your subscription email address: field, enter your Macalester email address.

  5. Click the Unsubscribe or edit options button.

  6. The member options for user <username> page appears. Locate the Change Your Password section.

  7. In the New password: field, enter your password. Your password should be at least 8 characters long.

  8. Enter the same in the Again to confirm: field.

  9. Check the Change globally option.

  10. Click Change My Password.

If you need to get your administrator password see FAQ X or call the ITS Help Desk at x6525.