How to add the Events Calendar widget with dotCMS
Submitted and approved College events can be displayed on a department's website using the Events Listing widget.

Once set up, the Events Listing Calendar will appear on the site only when your department is listed as a sponsor of the event.

Step 1: Submit events to the College Events Calendar at Be sure to add your department as the event's sponsor.

Step 2: Add Events Listing widget to department's home page.
  1. Log into and log in.

  2. Navigate to the landing page of your department's website and open it.

  3. Locate where you want the Events Calendar to be located, usually under the left nav bar or on the right.

  4. Click Add Content and select Add Widget.

  5. From Select the type, click Events Listing. Click Create New Events Listing.

  6. The Add/Edit Events Listing page appears. Enter or select the following:

    - Widget Title: "Department Name" Events
    - Owning Folder: Navigate to the main folder of site, usually the name of the department.
    - Department: Select Department
    - Maximum events to list: Leave the default setting as 5 or edit the number.

  7. Under Actions, click Save / Publish.

  8. The Events Listing widget appears. To move it up or down on the page, click the up and down arrows. There are no upcoming events to display at this time appears or a list of department events.

  9. From dotCMS control panel, click Publish Page.

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