How to insert an image on my website with dotCMS
Adjust image size, then upload, save, and publish the image.

  1. Go to and log in with your Macalester uername and password.

  2. Open the file where the image will be located.

  3. Locate the piece of content where the image will be located.

  4. Click Edit Content.

  5. Please the insertion point where the image will be located.

  6. From the WYSIWYG toolbar, click insert/edit image.

  7. Click Browse.

  8. From the Sites and Folders pane, navigate to the images folder.

  9. Click Upload New File.

  10. Click Select file(s) to upload.

  11. Select the image you want to upload. Click Save and publish.

  12. Upload the file imagename.jpg? confirmation message appears. Click OK.

  13. The Select a file screen appears. Click to select the file.

  14. The Insert/edit image dialog box appears. Enter an Image description and click Insert.

  15. Click image to select it. Notice the white squares on the corners indicating it is selected?

  16. From the Style menu, select Image on Left or Image on Right.

  17. Click Save and publish.

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