What is the contents of the email message sent to a student who violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)?
Subject: Possible Copyright Violation – Your response requested.

Dear (student name),

I have received notice of a possible copyright violation due to a download from an IP address that was assigned to your account on or around the date indicated below:

Organization: (e.g., Paramount Studios)
Title: (e.g., The Last Airbender)
Date: (e.g., 31 May 2013)

One reason this may happen is due to file-sharing programs such as BitTorrent and Gnutella that are inadvertently set to “share” with other people. Knowingly downloading and sharing copyrighted materials without permission from the copyright owner is considered illegal both by the Federal No Electronic Theft Act of 1997 (which extends criminal copyright law to include cases even where there is no clear profit motive) and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998.

3 Steps You Must Take to Resolve This Issue:
  1. Delete. Infringing file listed above must be deleted.
  2. Disable. Any file-sharing software on your computer or device must be disabled.
  3. Respond. Notify Harry Pontiff at hpontiff@macalester.edu within 7 days of this email and confirm that that the file has been deleted and file sharing has been disabled.

Legal alternatives to downloading online content should be used for enjoying music, television shows, movies, and books.

This is a first offense. A second offense will result in loss of network access for all computing devices registered to your account on the Macalester network and a referral to the Dean of Students. Loss of campus network privileges will not affect your access to campus computer labs.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Harry Pontiff

Harry Pontiff, Ph.D., GISF
Information Security Officer
Macalester College
Phone: (651) 696-6826
Email: hpontiff@macalester.edu

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