Best practices for web images and common sizes
Follow these best practices when using images with dotCMS:
  • Resize the image before uploading it to dotCMS.
  • Upload to site's images folder.
  • Always include an Image description to comply with accessibility guidelines.
  • Use the style Image Right or Image Left to format an uploaded image.

Common image sizes:
  • staff pictures: 110 X 110 px
  • single column width: 646 px
  • middle column width: 372 px
  • right column width: 246 px
  • Piper Posts: Square images (will be resized to 110 X 110)
  • Piper’s Photo of the Day: Submit it in actual size

Staff listing sample
110 X 110 pixels

2-column width sample
646 X 308 pixels

Use Image Right or Image Left Paragraph Style

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