What are the instructions for Web Print?
Use a web browser to print documents
  • Upload and print PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or MS Excel documents.
  • 30 MB file size limit.
  • Print to HRC or Main and Lower Level Library printers.
  • Web Print service does not support remote connections; you must access this service from Macalester's network.
  • Web Print is provided by PaperCut.

Web Print Instructions
  1. Go to www.macalester.edu/print. You must access this service from Macalester's network. The PaperCut login page appears.

  2. Enter your Macalester Username and Password. Click Log in.

  3. From the left navigation bar, click Web Print.

  4. Click Submit a Job. The Select a printer: screen appears.

    Available printers:
    DRC (formerly known as HRC)
    Main Level Library
    Lower Level Library

  5. Click 2. Print Options and Account Selection.

  6. In the Copies: field, enter the number of copies to be printed. There is a limit of 5 copies.

  7. Click 3. Upload Document.

    Upload details: PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel documents 30 MB or less.

  8. Click Browse... to select a document to upload and print.

  9. Click Upload & Complete. You must use the PaperCut release station to finish your print job.

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