How to delete a PDF from the Web with dotCMS
Remove the link, unpublish the file, and then archive it

  1. Go to and log in with your Macalester username and password.

  2. From the Website Browser, navigate to the page where the PDF file's link is published and open it.

  3. Click Edit Content.

  4. Under Actions, click Lock for Editing.

  5. Delete the link's reference.

  6. Click Save / Publish.

  7. Click Admin Screen to return to the Website Browser.

  8. From the Sites and Folders list, locate the PDF file and and right-click on its title (Mac OS X: Option key and click on the file name).

  9. Notice how the document's Status has changed from a published/blue dot to an unpublished/yellow dot?.

  10. Deleting a file is not an option, but you can archive it. To do so, right-click on the file's name, and select Archive.

    Note: The archive option is only available to files that have an unpublished status.

  11. The page at says: Are you sure you want to archive this asset? window appears. Click OK.

    [The File archived message appears.

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