How do I add a new entry to my department's Staff & Faculty webpage?
Use the Reuse Content option to add a new entry to your department's Faculty & Staff webpage

  1. Confirm with your Communications account manager that the faculty or staff has an entry in the dotCMS system. You will not be able to add a new entry without Communications creating a dotCMS profile first.
  2. Log into dotCMS {} with your Macalester username and password.
  3. From the Website Browser, navigate to the facultystaff folder.
  4. Open the index.html page.
  5. Go to the appropriate section: Full Time Faculty, Continuing Part Time Faculty, Retired Faculty, or Staff (your own department may have different section headings).
  6. Click Add and select Reuse Content.

  7. The Search: Person page appears. Enter one or more search terms (First Name or Last Name may work best).

  8. Click Search.

  9. From the Matching Results list, locate the appropriate entry and click Select.

  10. The new listing appears, complete with photo (slug), name, department, email, and phone number.

  11. To edit the entry, click Edit. Contact the home department of the faculty/staff member if you are unable to edit the profile.