How do I use Google Docs for email mail merge?
Be sure to review the sending limits for Google Apps users to find out how many emails your account can send at one time, in one day, etc.

Get mail merge in Gmail with a Google Docs Template

  1. Log into your Macalester email account.
  2. Open the MailMerge Google Docs template.
  3. From the File menu, select Make a copy...
  4. Start with the Instructions and setting sheet and replace the sample data with your own. You can even customize the subject by inserting the appropriate <<field>>. See instructions below on how to add an attachment.

  5. Go to the Data to be merged sheet to insert data.

    Column headings are field names.

    Email addresses cannot be imported from your Gmail Contacts. You may copy and paste them from an existing list.

  6. Go to the Email text sheet to write your email, inserting <<field names>> accordingly.

    Formatting with HTML tags is supported.

    Named links are not supported. Should you want the URL to be a link, place it in its own cell.

  7. From the Mail Merge menu, select Test Mail Merge to view the first 3 email messages with merged data, or Run Mail Merge to run the mail merge and send the message.

  8. Go to the Data to be Merged sheet, to view the Status of the mail merge. Once complete, it will change to OK.

To add an attachment
  1. Upload the file in Google Docs.
  2. Open the newly uploaded file in Google Docs.
  3. From the URL, locate the document ID.
  4. Copy the string of characters after ID=.
  5. Open to the MailMerge Google Doc, and go to the Instructions and setting sheet.
  6. Paste the string of characters into a cell under Start of attachment list. You may insert more rows to attach more files, if necessary.

Additional email merge templates

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