Set an expiration date for a voice mail temporary greeting
You can set an expiry month, day, and time for your temporary greeting. When the temporary greeting expires, your callers will hear your external or internal greeting.  The following directions assume you have recorded your temporary greeting.  For the steps to record a temporary greeting see FAQ 537.

To set the expiry date for your temporary greeting
  1. Log into your voice mailbox and press [ 8 ] [ 2 ] for greetings.
  2. Press [ 3 ] for temporary greeting, then press [ 9 ] to set the expiry date.
  3. When prompted, enter the month, day, and time, pressing [ # ] after each entry.

    Specific time sample: For a time setting of 9:00, press [ 9 ] [ 0 ] [ 0 ] [ # ].
    For a.m., press [ 1 ]; for p.m., press [ 2 ].
    Expiry time will be 9:00 in the time zone at your mailbox location.

    For the standard expiry time of one minute after midnight on the date you specified, press [ # ] for time.

    NOTE: If you do not set an expiry date, your temporary greeting will remain in effect until you delete it.

  4. Press [ * ] for more information or hang up if finished.

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