How do I change my voicemail password?
Forgot your voicemail password?
  1. Go to This service is not available for remote connections from off campus.
  2. Select Password Reset.The Password Reset page appears.
  3. Enter Your Email in the field.
  4. Click Reset Voicemail Password  option.
  5. Type the characters you see in the image.
  6. Click Send a Request. Your password reset request was successful.
  7. Check your email account for an email from MacVoicemail to complete the request.

To change your voicemail password when you know it
Passwords must be between 4 and 15 numbers.
  1. Access your mailbox by dialing 651-696-6666.
  2. Press [ 4 ] [ 9 ].
  3. Follow the voice instructions to modify your password.

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