How to add new content to an existing web page in dotCMS?
Use the New Content command to add new content

  1. Navigate to the HTML page you want to add content to and open it. The page appears in Edit mode.

  2. Locate the area on the page where you want to add content. From the Add Content menu, select New Content. The Add/Edit Web Page Content page appears.

  3. In the Title: field, enter the title of the content.

  4. Select a folder from the Folder: menu. Only those folders you have access to will appear.
    NOTE: By selecting a folder, you are setting the access rights to the content.

  5. Enter the content. You may copy and paste text from another source. Be prepared to tweak the spaces between sentences and paragraphs as needed.

  6. Under Actions, click Save or Save / Publish.

  7. Click the up or down arrows located on the top right of each piece of content to move.

  8. Click Publish Page.

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