How to add a new web page with dotCMS
Use the Add New command to add a new web page

  1. Log into as you normally would do. Go to FAQ 505 for instructions. The the Website Browser appears.

  2. From Sites and Folders, navigate to the folder where you want to new web page to appear.

  3. From the Add New menu (located on the top right), select Folder.

  4. Enter the folder properties then click Save.

    Title: Use title case
    Name (URL): should auto-populate, leave as default
    Sort Order: Leave as 0
    Show on Menu: Unchecked

  5. From the Add New menu (located on the top right), select HTML Page. (Alternately, you can right-click on the folder and select New from the contextual menu and then select HTML Page to create a new page.)

  6. The Properties page appears.

    Complete the following fields:

    Page/Menu Title: Enter the title of the page, using Title Case.

    Folder: Already entered for you.

    Page URL: A default Page URL will appear; enter index or leave the default URL.  
    NOTE: When creating a new HTML Page for a new folder, change the Page URL to index.

    Template: Select a template from the menu, once selected a preview will appear.

    Academic Department - 2 column
    Academic Department - 3 column
    Academic Department - Faculty and Staff Grid
    Academic Department - Faculty and Staff Listing
    Academic Department - Faculty and Staff Listing - 2
    Academic Department - Homepage
    Academic Department - Internships
    Administrative Department
    Administrative Department - Staff Grid
    Administrative Department - Staff List
    Write Well Micro-Lectures

  7. Click one of the following:
    Save: Page is saved but not published.
    Save and Publish: Page is saved and published.
    Cancel: To exit the Properties page and not add a new page

  8. The new page appears. To return to the Website Browser screen, click Admin Screen, do not use the browser's Back button.

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