How to log into dotCMS?
Use your Macalester username and password to log into dotCMS from a web browser

Web Services will let users know when their department or group's website has been migrated to dotCMS.

If you were able to log in on previous occasions, and are unable to, try clearing your browser's cache. See FAQ 594 for instructions.

How to log into dotCMS:
  1. dotCMS works best with Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer.

  2. Go to The Login page appears.

    NOTE: It's a good idea to bookmark this page!

  3. In the User ID: and Password:  fields, enter your Macalester username and password.

  4. Click Sign In. The Website Browser page appears.

  5. Only the folders you have access to will appear in the Website Browser. By default, folders are closed.

  6. From Sites and Folders, click on the plus sign (+) to academics and locate your academic department or program's site. For non-academic departments, an admin folder will appear.

  7. A minus sign (-) will appear when a folder is expanded. Click the minus sign (-) to collapse a folder.

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