How do I make Google Mail my default email client?
Your computer needs to be told how to change its default behavior when clicking on an email address within a web browser. Google used to provide a program called Google Notifier but it has been discontinued as of January 2014. The following instructions have been confirmed to work as of October 2014.

To Configure Gmail to be default for Windows 7 and below:
Luckily, a program exists that configures your browsers to use Gmail as default automatically. Unfortunately, it does not work on Windows 8
  1. Download and install GmailDefaultMaker.
  2. During the setup, select Gmail.
  3. If you would like to change the default email later, you have to uninstall and reinstall the program.

To Configure Gmail to be default for Windows 8 and Mac:
Unfortunately these do not have a clear system wide solution to set Gmail as the default email client, you must configure each of your browsers individually. The following instructions link to FAQs for each browser.

  1. If you use Google Chrome, see FAQ 812
  2. If you use Firefox, see FAQ 51
  3. If you use Safari, see FAQ 815

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