How do I make my Google Form public?
Remove a/ from the form's URL to make it public so that anyone (even those without a Macalester username and password) can complete and submit it. Test the updated address in a different browser before publishing/sending the form.

  1. Create the Google Form as you normally would do. (Create, send, and edit a form information.)

  2. Go to the live form. From the Form menu, select Go to live form.

  3. Viewing the live form, locate a/ in the browser's address bar.

  4. Delete a/ from the URL. Notice how the updated URL begins with

  5. Get ready to test the new URL before you publish or send the public form. Copy the URL. Be sure to copy the entire address. (Try tripple-clicking in the address bar. Most of the time that selects the entire address.)

  6. Open a different Web browser than the one used to create the form. Paste the updated address in the address bar.

    NOTE: Do not log into any Macalester services, you want to test how users who do not have a Macalester login views the public form.

    The form should appear and not require a Macalester username and password.

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