How do I access Picasa Web Albums?
First-time login at is required
  1. Verify that you are not logged into any Google Apps or Gmail service. First-time logins do not support multiple sign-on.

  2. Go to Picasa Web Albums screen appears.

  3. Locate the Sign In section.

  4. In the Email field, enter your Macalester email address, e.g.,

  5. Leave the Password field blank. <--IMPORTANT

  6. Click Sign In.

  7. Macalester's Google Apps Sign-On page appears.

  8. In the Username: field, enter your Macalester username. In the Password: field, enter your Macalester password.

  9. Click Login.

  10. The Picasa page appears. On the right side, click the Picasa Web Albums link.

  11. Your individual Picasa page appears.

NOTE: Once you have successfully logged into Picasa you may access it from your Google Apps account by navigating to More > Even More > Picasa.

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