How do I request a mailing list?
Mailman mailing lists are created by the ITS Help Desk; mailing list administrators can manage the list once created.

To request a Mailman mailing list:
  1. Go to Enter your Macalester username and password when prompted.

  2. Start a new ticket with the following Request Type:

    1. Support
    G. Network/Web Resource
    5. Mailing List

  3. In the Request Details, enter:

    List Name (it must be unique)

    List type:

    [list]Discussion: Usually for courses, organizations, and departments so that any member of a discussion list can send/receive emails.

    Announce: Usually for sending notices and announcement. Only the list administrators can send emails to the mailing list; members cannot reply to the list.

  4. Once the mailing list has been set up, you will be sent the password and login instructions.

    NOTE: Mailing list administrators are not members of the list by default. See FAQ 466 for instructions on how to manually add members.

See Mailmain Information for further mailing list instructions.

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