How do mailing list administrators manually add new subscribers?
Mailing list administrators can use Membership Management's Mass Subscription option to manually add new subscribers.

NOTE: Review FAQ 115 to find out which mailing lists support manually adding subscribers.

  1. Go to

  2. From the List, select the mailing list.

  3. The General Options Section page appears. From the Configuration Categories, click Membership Management...

  4. Click Mass Subscription.

  5. Mass Subscription page appears. Set the following options:

    Subscribe these users now or invite them? Click Subscribe.
    Send welcome messages to new subscribees? Click Yes or No.
    Send notifications of new subscriptions to the list owner? Click Yes or No.

  6. In the Enter one address per line below... field, enter the subscribers email address, one per line.

  7. Type in Below, enter additional text to be added to the top of your invitation or the subscription notification. Include at least one blank line at the end... field, enter a welcome message.

  8. Click Submit Your Changes.

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