How can I find out my Argos account role type?
The Argos status bar displays what server you are logged in to, your username, and user type.
  1. Log into Argos. For instructions on how to log into Argos, see FAQ 434 for Windows, and FAQ 436 for Mac OS.

  2. Locate the status bar located on the bottom of the Argos screen.

  3. They user type is diplayed on the far right. The user type determines the type of Argos access for your account.

Argos types of user roles:
  • Report Viewer: Casual users who are able to run existing reports, then save and distribute the output in a variety of useful formats.
  • Report Writer: Intermediate users who use DataBlocks to build a variety of reports.
  • DataBlock Designer: Advanced users create DataBlocks, the foundation of Argos. DataBlock Designers create the user input forms and build the queries used to retrieve information from one or more data sources, like Banner. Once the DataBlock is created, a Report Writer can build reports based on that data, and Report Viewers can run reports.