How to set up Citrix Receiver for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
Download, install and enter settings to start using Citrix Receiver.

  1. Open App Store and search for Citrix Receiver.

  2. Download Citrix Receiver from Citrix Systems, Inc.

  3. Tap Add Account. The New Account screen appears.

  4. In the Address: field, enter  

  5. Tap Next. Citrix Receiver verifies the server address and the Verified screen appears.

  6. Enter the following:

    Username: (your Macalester email address)

    Password: Macalester password

    Domain: MAC

  7. Tap Save and the settings are verified.

  8. A list of applications appears. Tap on its corresponding plus sign to add it as a favorite.

  9. Tap Favorites and the list of your favorite apps appear. Tap Apps to view a list of applications you can add as a favorite.

  10. To log off, click the profile at the to left.