Where can I get a randomly generated strong password?
Authenticator Password Generator can randomly generate 10 strong passwords securely for you to choose from. It also gives you the number of guesses it will take, on average, to guess the passwords generated.

To get started with Authenticator Password Generator:
  1. Go to http://authenticator.com/
  2. Click Click Here for Free Password.
  3. The default settings will generate a password within Macalester's Computing Password Guidelines. To increase the strength of your password choices, increase the number of characters for the options listed below:
    Total Number of Characters
    Number of Alphabetic Characters
    Number of Numeric Characters
    Number of Diacritics options

  4. Click the Set and Click Here for Passwords button.
  5. A list of ten possible passwords appear. Select one to memorize and use.

    Allowable Characters:
    Upper and lowercase letters
    Do not use spaces and underscores.
    Do not use any special characters.
    Passwords with non-allowable characters will render some of Macalester Web applications inaccessible.

  6. To reset your password, go to password.macalester.edu.

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