What can I do to reduce my energy consumption?
Reduce phantom load (electronic devices continue to use electricity when turned off and remain plugged in).

In the United States, game consoles waste one billion dollars of electricity a year due to phantom load.

Try these energy-saving suggestions:
  • Use a power strip for all electronic devices and press one button to turn everything off.
  • Don't charge electronics overnight so you can unplug it when finished. It’s battery life will increase and less energy will be wasted.
  • Turn off computers and game consoles when not in use.
  • Set the sleep mode on Mac OS X, see FAQ 358 to learn how.
  • Set the hibernation mode for Windows XP, see Configure Windows XP power management.
  • Set the hibernation mode in Windows 7, see FAQ 538.
  • Lower the screen brightness on your laptop.
  • Use the recycle bins located in the Campus Center basement near the Highlander Store to recycle electronics.
  • ITS offers free e-waste removal for all electronics at the end of the academic year during move-out week. Don’t throw your old electronics in the trash can – it’s hazardous waste!
  • Check out an energy monitor from the Sustainability Office in Kagin to find out how much energy YOU are using.