What can I do to use less paper?
At Macalester, about 6,300 reams of paper are printed during a 30-week school year. One ream of paper is 6% of a tree. Cutting the amount of paper printed by half could save 189 trees per year!

Did you know that 35% of solid waste in landfills is paper waste?

Try these paper-saving tips:
  • Use duplex mode and print multiple pages per sheet.
  • Take notes electronically. Use Preview (Mac OS) to write your own notes on a PDF. (Windows users can search for a free PDF editor for download.)
  • Grade papers electronically. Students can use MS Word or Google Docs for assignments and upload to Moodle, send them via email, or share the Google Docs, instead of turning in a printed paper. Instructors can add comments electronically, then send them back through Moodle, email, or shared Google Doc.
  • Decrease a document’s font size, margins, and line spacing to use fewer sheets when printing.
  • Print only pages of a document you need to. Use the application’s print function to print a range of pages instead of an entire document.