What methods can be used to create strong passwords?
Method 1: Use an entire phrase as a password, aslo known as Passphrase. (Recommended!)

Use a passphrase generator at passphra.se or follow the steps below:

  • Start with a phrase you can remember. Passphrases should be at leaset 15 characters long and no more than 30.
  • The phrase should not be a common phrase, lyric, title, quotation or cliché. It can be just random words.
  • Add complexity by adding punctuation or special characters.

    Passphrase rules:
    Minimum length: 8
    Maximum length: 30
    Passwords cannot contain any special characters.
    Passwords cannot contain spaces or underscores.

Method 2: Use the first letter of words in sentence to create a mnemonic password.
  1. Start with a sentence or two, about 10 words total. The minimum password length required is 8 characters and no more than 30.
  2. Select the first letter of each word to turn your sentences into a row of letters.
  3. Add complexity by making some letters upper case and inserting two numbers between the two sentences.
  4. Add length by inserting special characters on each side of the numbers.

    Password rules:
    Minimum length: 8
    Maximum length: 30
    Passwords can only use the following special characters: *  :  ? (asterisk, colon, and question mark).
    Passwords cannot contain spaces or underscores.
    Passwords cannot begin with a special character.

Long and complex passwords are safest. I keep mine secret.
long And Complex passwords Are safest ?56* I Keep Mine secret.

Method 3: Memorize a randomly generated password.
For instructions, see FAQ 405.

Things to avoid when creating strong passwords:
  • Non-allowable special characters; any character other than *  :  ? (asterisk, colon, and question mark)
  • Beginning with a special character.
  • Spaces and underscores.
  • Dictionary words in any language.
  • Words spelled backwards, common misspellings, and abbreviations.
  • Sequences or repeated characters.
  • Personal information: Your name, username, birthday, driver's license or passport number, or similar information.

For further information, see How to Create and Protect Strong Passwords.

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