How do I transfer my Google docs to another Google account?
Transfer ownership or export/import files to keep Google Docs.

Both of these options are available for individual files or collections (folders containing multiple docs). If you want to transfer all your files, it might be useful to put them in a collection and then transferring them.

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How to transfer ownership from to account:
  1. Go to the document or collection.
  2. From the Share menu, select Share...
  3. In the Add people: field, enter a gmail address and select Can edit.
  4. Click Share and save.
  5. Click Yes when the Are you sure? ( is not in the Google Apps organization that this item belongs to. Are you sure you would like to share with this address?) warning appears.
  6. Go to the gmail account and open the document.
  7. From the File menu, select Make a copy...
  8. When the Copy Document dialog box appears, click OK.
  9. The Copy of filename will be created with the account as owner.

Export and upload documents:
Exporting and uploading file information from Google.

Note: You can also select multiple files to share or export by pressing (ctrl +shift) or (command + shift for mac) and clicking on the file.

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