Who is responsible or the approver for the on-campus mailing lists?
There are a number of mailing lists managed through Mailman. All except the hidden ones can be viewed at http://lists.macalester.edu. Each list 'belongs' to a specific office, and postings are typically held until approved by one or more administrators within that office.  Each 'owner' sets policy for the use of his or her list.  The lists below are used to reach significant portions of the campus community, with their member population(s) and their approver(s).

ITS-Alerts-Faculty, ITS-Alerts-Staff, ITS-Alerts-Student

faculty-announce-l, staff-announce-l, student-announce-l All-campus segregated lists managed by different offices for high-need communications, as follows:

Academic Office Professionals (AOP) list.  

  • All senior students in a given graduating year, managed by the Registrar's office.
  • Approver is Jayne Niemi (niemi@macalester.edu).

  • All students in a given class year based on academic standing (first_year, _sophomore, __junior, senior), managed by Student Services Office.
  • Note use of underscoring!  Approver is Jim Hoppe (hoppe@macalester.edu).