How do I get a transcript or verification of enrollment?
Contact the Registrar's Office to request an official transcript. Unofficial transcripts are available to current students only through 1600grand.

The Registrar's Office processes official transcript or verification of enrollment requests. Contact the Registrar at or +1-651-696-6200 for more information.

Unofficial transcripts are available to current students only. Follow these steps to print an unofficial transcript:
  1. Go to and log in with your Macalester username and password.

    NOTE: Macalester accounts will be closed for graduating seniors on October 1. 

  2. Click the Academics tab.
  3. Locate Academic Records, found on the right.
  4. Select Transcript Level: All Levels or Undergraduate.
  5. Select Transcript Type: Web Transcript.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Go to File > Print to print the transcript from the Web browser.

Transcript information includes course title, grade, cumulative GPA, and when the course was taken.

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