How are mailing lists populated? Is it okay to manually add a user to a mailing list? Please give a Mailing List Overview. How often are Mailing lists populated?
Mailing list changes and issues should be entered as WHD tickets and assigned to the Help Desk or Networking staff.

All lists are populated by automatic processes every day unless othewise noted.

  • DailyPiper-l
    • Announcement list for the campus newsletter
    • Manual Enrollment: OK

  • CST-News
    • Faculty-oriented list for the Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching
    • Manual Enrollment: NO (User should request access directly from the CST.)
    • Membership is manually maintained by CST

  • Faculty-Announce-l
    • All Faculty, general faculty announcements
    • Manual Enrollment: OK

  • Faculty-Notification-l
    • All Faculty, ITS announcements
    • Manual Enrollment: OK

  • Staff-Announce-l
    • All Staff, general staff announcements
    • Manual Enrollment: OK

  • Staff-Notification-l
    • All Staff, ITS announcements
    • Manual Enrollment: OK

  • Student-Announce-l
    • All Students, general student announcements
    • Manual Enrollment: OK

  • Student-Notification-l
    • All Students, ITS announcements
    • Manual Enrollment: OK

  • SecList
    • Security notifications list for all Faculty, Staff, Students (not Guests)
    • Manual Enrollment: OK

  • Majors
    • Students with declared majors
    • Manual Enrollment: NO
    • Enrollment is automatic based on declared major

  • Advisor lists
    • Faculty members and their student advisees
    • Manual Enrollment: NO
    • Enrollment is automatic based on declared advisor

  • Course Lists
    • Teacher and students of each course
    • Manual Enrollment: NO
    • Anyone enrolled in the Moodle course will automatically be added to the mailing list.

  • Class Year lists (by date)
    • Class-of-2009, '10, etc lists
    • Manual Enrollment: NO
    • Enrollment is automatic based on projected graduation year

  • class_list_year lists by cohort
    • class_list_first_year, class_list_junior, etc
    • Manual Enrollment: YES (but check with list owner first)
    • Enrollment is manually done at the beginning of each semester, but the membership does not otherwise change.

  • Manually Maintained lists
    • ITS-staff, ITS-Maint, Lib-Staff, etc...
    • No automatic processes or automatic enrollment
    • Manual Enrollment: OK

Manual Enrollment: OK means that it is OK to add users to the list manually. Always check with the list maintainer before adding members (but it's fine for most lists). Users can also request to be added to lists by visiting the appropriate mailman page, and the list maintainer can approve them.

With Manual Enrollment: NO lists, manually added users will be removed next time the list gets updated, usually the next morning. It may also mean that no users should ever be manually added to the list. Either way, don't add users manually.

Also see the attached image for a diagram of how data flows into the mailing list server. For more detailed info, please enter a ticket for Networking/Infrastructure Services.

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